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All You Need to Know Before You Engage in Sap License Audit

Lots of companies out there have considered SAP license audit and may face issues if they do not have the needed information to help them obtain the necessary requirements. With the high need for the audits, it is high time that you prepare for a free headache procedure whereby you will need to be ready with all the details that will be needed for the process to be successful. You need to familiarize yourself with the steps that are needed for you to handle the SAP audit strategy in the best way possible, investigate this guide so that you can determine how the process can really work for you this time around.

What is your overall SAP license standing and how can this be of importance to you and overall business? There is need to be prepared and through this, you will need to have a good comparison of the SLAW and USMM data accordingly as it matters so much in the decision that you are going to be making.

Then you need to plan if you will need to kick off a two weeks license management project or else you will not. The details will ensure that you have all the details together and help you bar some of the risks that would end up submerging into. The process entails collecting the contract details of the license for your users and using the information to package all the data needed on the metrics. You however need to determine if you will add the SAP users based on the business plan that you had formulated.

When you have all the information in this case, you will now start using it in the allocation of licensure details appropriately. The details can help you in the proper optimization of the license details for the direct and indirect users. Having the right details is essential in analysis and proper compilation of your data removing all the unnecessary and duplicated users. Proper definition of the assignment and this should be based on the types of users and where they are accessing from. For every two weeks or so, you will have evaluated the SAP license status and the data that you may have gathered through the procedure may help you make the right decisions.

You know your business will grow after a time, and thus you may prefer to add more licenses to ensure that you are able to optimize the current investments. Once you have got all the details that you have gathered, it will be very easy for you to make decisions that are well informed and suitable for the running of your business.

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